The Wellnessia care center provides professional services for those wishing to consciously protect their health, intending to adjust and maintain their weight or are aspiring to choose the most suitable physical activity. For 13 years The Well-being Center has been dedicated in designing Weight Management Programs for our clients, for people who have decided to change their lifestyles.family

The concept of Wellness includes:
* Nutrition and weight control
* Appropriate form and amount of physical activity
* Stress management, rest and relaxation
* Detoxification and purification
* Positive attitude towards life and one’s own body
* Personal habits.

The last point - your personal habits - most precisely defines our Center’s mission. We assist those, who have already made up their mind to do something beneficial for themselves and change their lifestyle, in order to feel and look better. We also provide practical advices on what to eat and yet keep slender.

Optimum weight

There is no need for detailed explanation on what undesired consequences being overweight brings about, for you can read about it in nearly every magazine. Anyone, who has experienced having a couple of extra kilos/pounds, can make a list of related health problems as well as uneasy feelings such as loss of self-confidence and dressing-up problems. According to the statistics, about 95 percent of women in the West go on a diet at least once in their lifetime. Therefore the amount of “quick weight loss” offers on the market is enormous.
No matter if you choose healthy dieting (calorie counting and restrictive eating) or unhealthy methods (such as fasting and deficiency of essential nutrients), there is always one crucial question lingering: “What’s coming next?”
That is the main reason why we suggest a gradual change of a lifestyle, which organically and step-by-step introduces changes of your personal eating habits - rather than mechanically applying standard diets.

Healthy dieting

Food is the most addictive of all natural drugs. All you do year by year at least 3 times a day you take a certain effect. Food influences your mood, the way you feel as well as the way you look. Appropriate eating can optimize your health condition, adjust your weight and last but not least can also slow down your aging.
Taking those important facts into consideration, we always pay a special attention to the nutrition issue during our consultations. Since the majority of the people are concerned about losing weight or maintaining great physical condition (in both areas appropriate eating is of a great importance), we have placed this issue at the top of our agenda.

Physical Activities

What would you pay if only all the bellow mentioned dreams of yours came true:
You can eat all you feel like and still keep your body fit and slim. Suddenly, you feel a constant burst of creative energy and your spirit is bright and clear. You overflow with vitality, you feel perfectly balanced and all of a sudden you have much more spare time then ever before. You amaze your general practitioner with your blood test values and your boss with your ideas. You spend winters without flues and you can stop taking pills for lowering your blood pressure.
All this and much more can be accomplished and does not cost you as much as you may imagine!
Not more than 30 minutes of your time a day. All you have to do is to get up and start moving. It is never too late to start!

Stress management

There are the moments, when we are supposed to make a quick decision, to complete a challenging task within a short period of time or to flexibly adjust to a sudden change of situation. In moments like that we usually start feeling under pressure, which results in stress, which has been since ever considered harmful. The natural reaction of the body is using its entire means in order to prevent and avoid stress. The body tends to create a form of a protection “walls” against the stress.
It is not difficult to imagine, how such “ramparts” appear into a physical form of “fat pillows”, for our inner mechanism of “armoring” is usually magnified by our natural tendency of grasping after a piece of bread, pizza or chocolate.
Fortunately, there are other, much more creative and less harmful - options of dealing with our stress, without necessarily creating a protection in the form of fat stocks. All you need to do is to discover them.

Detoxification and purification

It can sound a bit uncomfortable and heavy, however the concept of “detoxification and purification” in its nature stands for “getting rid of the poisons”. Lately, we can come across this topic more and more frequently, as it has become a phenomenon of our times. Our bodies are constantly exposed to various harmful substances (toxins) - chemicals, dust and exhausts from the air, water and food, which cause the poisoning.
Our bodies have a natural ability of poison excretion, which is conducted by various organs such as liver, kidneys, intestines as well as lungs and skin. Once the amount of poisons reaches a certain level and becomes excessive, the body does no longer manage excreting them, and consequently tries to find other alternative means of getting rid of them. The most obvious place where we can notice this, is our skin. Various forms of skin diseases, allergic reactions, eczemas, acne etc. can suddenly appear on our skin. In most cases the skin serves as a reflection of the inner state of our body.

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