Are you always rushing around, starving, feeling exhausted or stressed out? Spending too many times dining in fast foods, obsessed with sweets, starving for the entire day and eventually ending up at your fridge in the middle of the night? Wishing to take vitamins and minerals? Not sure what food choice to make considering the varieties available on the market today? Wondering, what is really essential for your body in respect of your age and activity?
There are many essential nutrients which our body requires on a daily basis. However, usually, we do not get enough of them because of our poor diet. Our actual lifestyle is very demanding on the body as well as lots of stress, lack of physical activity and sleep, long working hours, pollution, dining out or very low quality meals.
Many scientific studies show that regular supplementation with essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs) can contribute to a healthier condition and can prevent many of the more severe diseases. A regular detoxification or cleansing of our body is recommended, at least 1-2 times per year. For this purpose many traditional herbs and basic nutrients can help as well.

Objective of the program:

Gradual change of eating habits, learning and adopting the principles of healthy dieting, creation of a healthy eating plan

This program is the perfect choice for you, if::

What is “healty eating?”

What does “healthy eating” exactly stand for? Different people can have different opinions about this. Some will think of oatmeal and soy meat, whereas others will imagine piles of fresh vegetable and all sorts of grain sprouts, however most of those images do not sound exactly thrilling or especially mouth-watering …
So, what should an appealing healthy eating look like?
First of all, the food we eat should be composed in a way that does not harm our body, on the contrary it should be a source of energy and supply our body with all the necessary nutrients to ensure our optimal health. Naturally, the food we eat should be tasteful and should fit our lifestyle. Once this becomes reality, we will be rewarded with more energy, vitality and feeling of lightness. In addition, overweight, skin problems, digestion disorders and other related issues will most probably not be of our concern.

What will you learn in the Personal Nutrition Program

You will learn, how to make proper food choices; how to compose an eating plan from the nutrition and calorie-oriented perspective; how important it is to keep an optimal drinking regime and how it can back up your diet plan; how you can replace some unhealthy kinds of food with healthier ones; what to cook, so that your food is enjoyable but not excessively rich in calorie; how to cook for children; meat products and fast food vs. healthy dieting; how can we satisfy our sweet-tooth in a healthy way a.s.o.
We will explain to you all about additives and emulsifiers contained in the food we eat, as well as provide information about bio food and healthy food shopping. We will assist you in creating an optimum eating plan considering your food preferences as well as your shopping and cooking possibilities - all based on the principles of healthy eating.
There are countless tips and recipes that for mothers and housewives on healthy food, including delicacies, nibbles and desserts, which can be easily added into your cook book and enrich current diet.

During the entire period of the Program, we will assume the role of your personal coach, who gives advices, motivates as well as oversees you. We will provide you with continuous support until you manage to adopt the new habits and they become a part of your daily routine.

The Personal Nutrition Program consits of:

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