“Well, I know exactly, what I should do and what I should eat, in order to lose a couple of pounds. I have to drink regularly, but avoid fizzy drinks. I should avoid sweets, especially chocolate, as well as fried food containing harmful fats. When having bread, then I should chose the whole-wheat one. I’d better not eat any meat at all and if so, then I should choose chicken. And, of course, I have to exercise regularly.”

Since you already know it all, what do you need a nutrition therapist for?

Well, maybe you stick to all the above-mentioned restrictions and principles, but you still haven’t managed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Moreover, you are not full of energy and vitality; on the contrary you often feel apathy and exhaustion. And all the smart tips from your friends somehow do not work.

What can a nutrition therapist do for you?

What sort of questions can she insightfully answer?

Who should consult the nutrition therapist?

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