Ms. Zvarova started her new job about 10years ago, and even though she watched over what she ate, she was gaining weight anyways. Shortly after she has realized, she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror, she decided to make a change.
One friend of hers, recommended her Wellnessia. When Ms. Zvarova first came, she intended to lose those 10kilos in 6 month. She already lost 17 kilos. Congratulations!!!!!!


Ms. Simečková couldn§t get a better Christmas gift, than losing 10kilos. Being waiting for this for such a long time she was the happiest person after all. She has successfully finished her 6-month program in March 2006 and since that she is keeping her weight off even though her busy working schedule.


Marcela Černá was never really slim, but after her move from a small village in South Moravia to much faster Prague, her weight got much worst. Especially because of the change of the environment, she was suffering tiredness, headaches, having sleeping problems, problems with joints, and high blood pressure.
She wanted to lose 25 kilos within one year; she has already got rid off 15 after 4 month of her program. We wish her well.


I’m 32 years old and my friends always called me Mammoth. My first visit to Wellnessia was in May 2004, thanks to my friend, that was also on a weight program there. I started with my giant size of 150cm around waist and I had 180kg. In the beginning I was quite skeptical about all this, I didn’t have any health problems so why to lose weight I told myself, but I tried it anyways. Monika put me on a very specific weight lost program and I followed as there was really no way out. I was under special supervision of everyone in the center and I still am. Our hard work made me get rid off 78 kilos and 40cm around my waist. And I still keep losing about 1 kg a week. I’m much more balanced, my childhood bad habits of biting nails disappeared. I even started to visit the fitness center on regular basis. Starting in Wellnessia has changed my life. I’m very satisfied with myself.

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