Objective of the program:

Healthy weight loss, your optimal weight achievement, individual plan for long-term weight loss and maintenance, plan for appropriate changes of lifestyle.

Personal Weight Management Program is a sophisticated plan conducted in form of one-to-one consultations with a nutritionist, who creates a sensible diet and a lifestyle plan that meets all your specific needs.

A mother on a maternity leave and a manager, who spends his entire day at work, will have very different programs. If you have previous experience with losing weight, you may have observed that following the diet principles for a given time and then going back to your old habits such as not having breakfasts, resulting in nightly fridge-raids, simply doesn’t bring the desired effect. If you did so, your kilos/pounds, which you had been so painstakingly losing, were coming back to you again. In other words, an effective weight loss cannot be achieved by short term dieting but by deeper lifestyle changes. This is the only way to keep your weight off forever.

You might have already read more than enough materials concerning weight loss methods, or perhaps you have already tried out most of them. In such case, we will focus on sorting out all that you know about a healthy lifestyle and develope your very personal eating plan.

Our work can be divided into following phases:

The major issues covered in our consultations include:

Besides that, we will also discuss the following topics:

Night eating, overeating, eating breaks between main meals, cooking for children, bio food, celebrations, “sweet tooth syndrome”, excluding meat products and fast food from our diet, how to face the unfavorable environment.
You will learn how to take the control of your appetite and yet not suffer from hunger.
Psyche, stressful situations, bad moods and uneasy emotions are these and other related issues can be covered during our consultations according to the specific needs of each client.
In fact, these commonly neglected issues can be of substantial importance particularly for women.

During the period of your Personal Weight Management Program we will be in charge of your personal coaching, provide you with useful advices, motivate you, oversee and supervise you.
We will support you until you fully develop new favorable habits and they become a part of your daily routine. In addition, special attention will be paid to the period after the Program is completed. This will be conducted in form of ongoing follow-up phone calls, we know from our experience, that the period between the decision making (”I really have to do something about it!”) and the actual taking the appropriate steps (picking up the phone and dialing the number) can be sometimes too long.

The Program consists of:

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